Toolbox for teaching I&E

Do you lack tools or inspiration for how to apply and use innovation in your teaching? 


University of Copenhagen has collected several exercises, literature, and much more that are easy to apply. 


On their website, you can find inspiration for how to use I&E in your teaching. 


See below some of their course models, which are also found on their website.

  • I&E learning goals
    How and to what extent are innovation and entrepreneurship part of your learning goals for the course?

  • Content knowledge
    Are you teaching for instance Design or Process Management, you can choose process models developed on the basis of the specific approach.

  • Purpose of the process model
    Should the model give structure and overview or be part of the academic learning goals?

  • Personal approach and experience
    You can with advantage choose a model or approach you are happy with or which you have tested/participated in one or several times.

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