Taxonomy of entrepreneurship education

Start Up Programme is part of the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship that works to spread entrepreneurship in the Danish education system – from ABC to PhD. With the Taxonomy of Entrepreneurship Education, the Foundation seeks to gather knowledge about entrepreneurship education and at the same time propose a general frame of understanding for progression and learning objectives in a multifarious and multi faceted education system.


The purpose of the Taxonomy is to gather the Foundation’s knowledge about and experience with entrepreneurship education and provide a perspective on how to practise and evaluate this form of education as a pedagogical practice.


The goal is to construct an accordance between the general purpose and learning objectives of entrepreneurship education, the content and the progression which the teaching should have, and the feedback, evaluation and examination forms which should promote the learning of pupils and students. And, at the same time, to describe how to unfold this as a pedagogical practice in a multifarious education system with many different levels, subjects and traditions.


The text addresses teachers, managers and decision makers on all levels in the education system – from primary school to higher education. With this broad aim, we seek to create a red thread throughout the education system and a common understanding of the phenomenon entrepreneurship education. 


Find the Taxonomy at the website of the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship (scroll to 2015)


For questions about the Taxonomy contact

Anders Rasmussen

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