Grow a Business - the business model that was missing

Grow a Business - new business model

Grow a Business offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to involve economics, social and environmental perspectives from the start as they develop their business model or project concept.

The model can also be used in the sparring with existing companies, as inspiration for the further development of their business models. The model is a tool for consultants that provides sparring for entrepreneurs and business executives.


It is used at the beginning of a sparring process to provide a quick, simple and visual overview of the specific idea. The method is prototyping, where the entrepreneur or business manager develops his or her first prototype of the business model through sparring with the consultant.


The purpose is to demonstrate and test the idea's function, design and internal context.


The Holistic Business Model is based on Osterwald's Business Model Canvas (BMC), Social Business Model Canvas, and Circular Economics theory from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.


Do you want to, or have you used, the Grow a Business business model, please contact Birgit Woge Nielsen, who would like to receive feedback on the model in the autumn of 2017. Email:


The model was developed in collaboration between Central Denmark Region and VIA University College, VIA Studentervæksthus,
Campus Aarhus Nord:


Elinor Bæk Thomsen, Chefkonsulent, Grøn vækst og oplevelser, Region Midtjylland
Birgitte Woge Nielsen, Koordinator for VIA Studentervæksthuse og lektor ved VIA Fysioterapeutuddannelse, VIA University College