Growthwheel certification

Growthwheel - a new tool for you as teacher at Start Up Programme and entrepreneurship programmes

Growthwheel is a company who in collaboration with Start Up Programme offers teachers certification and tools in Growthwheel. As a member of Start Up Programme you will get this for free.

With a Growthwheel certification you will get full access to the GrowthWheel Tool Box + Open Intro Webinar, which is only for certified users.


In addition, you will get a 2-year access to Growth tool online, and you can use the Growthwheel method and knowledge in your teaching. It will be a learning process for you and a lot of future learning material for your students.


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How can I apply?
Are you interested in being certified in GrowthWheel, then contact Programme manager Carina Hammer by phone or email.



Practical information about Growthwheel courses: 

Annually 10 teachers are certified; 5 teachers in spring, and 5 teachers in autumn. 

As a teacher registered with Start Up Programme you will get free access to a 2-day course in Growthwheel. As certified teacher in Growthwheel you will after completed course have full access to the GrowthWheel Tool Box + Open Intro Webinar. You will also get a license for GrowthWheel online.

You must care for your own transport and accommodation in connection with the course.


OBS: Growthwheel can certify only one teacher per teacher team/incubator - unless otherwise agreed with Start Up Programme and Growthwheel.
Moreover, the educational institution must pay itself. When the 2 years have passed, the educational institution must consider whether it wants to continue the collaboration with Growthwheel.