Idea competition

The Idea competition is an innovation competition for all students in higher education. The Idea competition is part of the annual event Danish Entrepreneurship Award.


The Idea competition takes place next time on Danish Entrepreneurship Award on 21 November 2019

Deadline for application to the Idea competition is 29 October 2019


The Danish Entrepreneurship Award has 7000 participants in competitions, workshops and presentations. You can also get counselling and advice from business people, network with others and much more.  


Read more about the Idea competition at the website of the Danish Entrepreneurship Award - HERE

See all the winners of 2018 here.


At the Idea competition we reward creativity, innovation and news value. The focus is on innovative ideas or discoveries that are related to existing ideas or products. The Idea competition especially rewards value-creating innovation - therefore the combination of innovation and viability.


Watch the video (in Danish, but with English subtitles) about the Idea competition for higher education:


How to participate?

As a student, you must upload a 2-page idea description. 


The Idea competition for Higher education has a high level of evaluation criteria. The level is higher than for youth education. But the Idea competition for higher education is built around the same categories as the Start Up Programme competitions.

The judges and the signed-up teams are combined in ways so that the different teams within the four categories receive the best possible evaluation from the external judges. 


Read much more about how to register and about the Idea competition in the above link.


If you need more information, contact Carina Hammer at or 2445 7675.