Video pitch competition

All participants in the Idea competition can now also send a video to join the Video pitch competition

As a participating team in the Idea competition, you can also join the Video pitch competition. The team must submit a short video in which you pitch your idea and exploit the possibilities of the video media.


Just like in the Idea competition, your team is evaluated based on your idea, but you are also evaluated based on the way in which you communicate your idea - are you able to present the idea in an interesting way, and do you demonstrate that you know how to exploit the different possibilities of the video media? 


The winner of the Videopitch competition 2018 (in Danish):


Who and what?
The Video pitch competition is for all teams that participate in the Idea competition, and the two competitions are run alongside one another. To participate in the Video pitch competition, your team must have uploaded the written idea description on ”My page”. The Video pitch competition is however an independent competition, and the evaluation will not influence your position in the Idea competition.


The winner of the Video pitch competition is the team that has been able to create the best story about their idea through the use of digital communication.


Participate in the Videopitch competition on 21 November 2019


Formal requirements for participation

  1. The team has signed up for the Idea competition and has submitted the written Idea description (deadline 29 October - read more).
  2. The team makes a video story of max. 3 minutes telling about their idea.
  3. The video is made by the team themselves. Getting help from friends and family is ok, but professional production is not allowed.
  4. Irrespective of language, you must insert Danish subtitles (also in Danish videos). If your video reaches the final, it will be shown on a big screen to a large audience, so subtitles are necessary.
  5. The video is uploaded to Youtube and be listed as ”Public”. 


How to upload your video?
When your video is ready, you upload it on Youtube, list it as ”Public” and copy the link in the video.

Insert your video link and fill in the form below to sign up for the Video pitch competition.


Rating criteria
See the rating criteria here or in the top right corner.

Find inspiration here for how to make storytelling through digital communication