Start Up Programme

Are you a student and want to test your skills as en entrepreneur?


You can test yourself and your idea through Start Up Programme and our activities.



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This entrepreneurship programme offers inspiring activities that strengthen students' competences such as proactivity, networking, creativity, collaboration skills and much more. The activities are taking place in collaboration with the business sector outside the safe environment of the educational institution. At the same time, Start Up Programme bases its activities on learning and entrepreneurship didactics. Start Up Programme therefore provides you as a teacher with a unique entrepreneurship framework for your students, a framework which combines business sector, the startup world, and education.  

Start Up Programme builds contacts between the business sector and the students. In the meeting with judges the students get feedback in the form of constructive criticism, which helps them qualify their own ideas and learning, be it as entrepreneurs or as innovative employees in a future work place.


The purpose is to test your idea with professionals in a real world environment.


The programme provides students with a unique possibility to strengthen their entrepreneurial competences, among others especially their presentation abilities as well as their abilities to network and act in a real world environment where their cross-functional understanding and cooperation abilities are premises for success.

In Start Up Programme the students can test their abilities as initiator or entrepreneur and at the same time test their ideas with experienced business people and entrepreneurs.

Start Up Programme arranges match events, online courses, regional championships, the Danish championship as well as participates in the European championship in entrepreneurship.


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All competitions and events in Start Up Programme have been developed on the basis of the Danish Foundation's Taxonomy in Entrepreneurship Education - find it on our website under Publications (scroll to 2015).


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