Share your idea

Practice your abilities to create change!

Do you have a good idea? Or do you dream about making a difference? Good ideas are in wanted in ALL fields of society, at all levels and at all workplaces - public as well as private. In the autumn, you have the opportunity to practice how to create change and act upon a good idea. You can do this by participating in Share your idea at the Danish Entrepreneurship Festival. All students from short and medium-long programs can participate. And all ideas are welcome.

Good ideas are needed on a very small, specialized scale, but you are also allowed to dream big - maybe even go global? And the ability to come up with new ideas and create change is something everyone can practice!

Share your idea - in short:

  • You develop an idea - alone or with others.

  • Write 2-pages about your idea - an idea description - this must be submitted no later than 27 October 2020 at 12.00 as a PDF to Max. 4800 characters. 

  • Participate at the Danish Entrepreneurship Festival the 18th November. Here you have the opportunity to discuss the idea with professional sparring partners, who have read your idea description in prior.

  • Subsequently, your educater will receive written feedback on your project from the advisors, you can reflect on your learning outcomes - and if you feel like it, you can continue working on the idea.

There are thus two main elements in Share your idea
1) a written description of the idea on two pages
2) a conversation of 10 min. with sparring partners from the Danish business community and public institutions who can provide inputs, ask relevant questions and where you can get advices.

Find the guide on how to participate at the top right side of this page.

Read more about the Danish Entrepreneurship Festival here.

If you have questions, contact Kirstine on

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