Prizes at Start Up Programme

Every year, Start Up Programme hosts different entrepreneurship competitions. 

In the competitions, the winners are awarded a prize, and special prizes will be awarded, for example for exceptional achievements. 


Danish Entrepreneurship Award
The winner of the Idea competition at the Danish Entrepreneurship Award is awarded 10,000 DKK. 

Regional championships in entrepreneurship

Start Up Programme hosts three regional championships. The winner of each regional championship is awarded 10,000 DKK. 
In addition, special prizes are awarded. They will be advertised through your local regional championship. 


Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship 

  • The winner of the Danish Championship is awarded a prize of 25,000 DKK and goes on to the European Championship. 
  • In addition to the first price there will be a winner in each of the four category which are awarded a prize of 25,000 DKK. 
  • Audience prize: at the Danish championship, the audience chooses an idea which is awarded a prize.
  • Alumni Leadership Award: on the basis of recommendations, an exceptional performance by a student in a team is awarded a prize.
  • Prize for Teacher of the Year
  • Special prize by Tønder Energi og Miljøfond 


Prize for Entrepreneurial Educational Institution of the year
Every year the prize for entrepreneurial educational institution of the year is awarded. The prize is presented at the Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship by Start Up Programme and Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship.
In the selection of the Entrepreneurial educational institution of the Year, we attach importance to: 


  • The institution’s strategic focus on entrepreneurship.
  • The institution’s support of Start Up Programme through participation in the programme from a til z, with teachers as well as students.
  • The institution’s intention and courage to further entrepreneurship through both curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • The institution’s collaboration with many different professional environments, internally as well as externally.


The money must be used to further develop the idea, and you have to pay taxes of them. The money will either be transferred to one in the team's personal account, but it is also possible to create a business account where the money can be transferred to.

If we have not received an account and registration account to which the money can be transferred within 3 months after the money has been won, the prize will be waived.