The Idea competition for higher educations

Idea competition for higher education – download guide in the top right corner

The Idea competition is an idea- and innovation competition for students in higher education. It is part of the Danish Entrepreneurship Award where each year 7000 pupils and students are participating in competitions and workshops, receive advice and guidance as well as network with others. But this time the event will take place in a virtuel space.

As a participant in the Idea competition you are competing against 100 other teams from all over Denmark. The winner receives 10,000 DKK.

The Idea competition takes place online 24th of November 2021.

Due to COVID-19 last year we transformed Danish Entrepreneurship Award into an online event. This year we'll do it again! 

In the upper right corner you will find: 
- A guide on how to sign up, and what it takes

- How the judges evaluate your idea 

- A template for the Idea description that you can use as inspiration 

How will the Idea competition take place for higher educations?

  • The students develop an idea

  • The students and their teacher sign up at the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship registration platform called My Page. Find the guide in the upper right coner. 

  • The students prepare and upload a written description of their idea (max two pages, max 4800 characters) on My Page. The deadline is 28 October at 12 pm.

  • The judges read and evaluate them and provide feedback on the idea description before the actual competition the 24th of November

  • 24th of November at the Danish Entrepreneurship Festival, each team gives a 3-minute pitch of their idea in front of the judges in a closed online room. Afterwards, the team and the judges will have a 4-minute interview regarding the idea.

  • The 10 teams with the largest score will go directly to the final, which is Friday 26th of November. Here each team will pitch their idea in front of the judges, but the pitches also be open for co-students, family, and the curious. 

    The winner of the final receives 10,000 DKK.

  • ALL teams who participated in the Idea compitition will receive a written feedback about their idea from the judges.

How can I participate?

Before you can participate, you must upload a 2-pages idea description before 28 October on 'My Page'. Before the competition, you and your team must prepare a 3-minute pitch and idea presentation, which you present to the judges on 24th of November. You will receive further information about the practical circumstances such as which time you will present your idea. If you and your team are among the teams with the largest score, you will proceed to the next step, which is the final on 26th of November. All 10 teams compete against one another to be the winner and the receiver of 10,000 DKK.  

At the Idea competition we reward creativity, innovation and news value. The focus will be on innovation, where new ideas and discoveries are compared to existing products. The Idea competition rewards especially value-creating innovation - a combination of innovation and realisation potential.

Your idea must be brand new - it must not have been invented/founded earlier than 1 August 2021

Read how to register and what the idea description must consist in the top corner to the right of this page. Here, you will also find the evaluation criteria for the the written idea decription and the pitch.

If you have any questions about the Idea competition at the Danish Entrepreneurship Festival, please contact Kirstine Laursen-Keldorff at