Value-creating categories

When Start Up Programme arranges entrepreneurship competitions the focus is on the latest social trends and on different challenges for people and society. We operate with 4 categories which identify innovative and solution-oriented ideas within four areas of value-creation and trends. 



Optimised utilisation of resources, recycling and green solutions. It may be focus on different possibilities within sustainable living and businesses, demographic challenges, urbanisation, new technological possibilities, product development, digitalisation, sharing economy.


Social Entrepreneurship:

Creation of social value for the individual and society, nationally or globally. It can be focus on society-changing initiatives, demographic challenges, development of education, urbanisation, new technological possibilities and product development, digitalisation and sharing economy.



Development within welfare, health and learning. It can be focus on improvement or optimisation of life and health related challenges, new user experiences, new technology and products, financial technology, digitalisation and sharing economy.


Service innovation:

Development of experience and user design. It can be focus on the development or optimisation of products and service design, experiences and events, financial technology, robot technology, digitalisation and sharing economy.


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