Who can join and what is the price

In order for you as a teacher or student to become a member of the Start Up Programme network, your education or educational institution must become a member of Start Up Programme first. 


It is thus the individual education, the registered students, the affiliated teachers and training managers that become network members of Start Up Programme. Incubators can also become members of Start Up Programme.


That is why you as a teacher, programme manager or training manager can easily ensure your education a membership of the Start Up Programme network. 

What is the price?

The price per education is 6,500 DKK for a school year (August-July).

The price per incubator (defined per location) is also 6,500 DKK. 


This membership fee is regardless of the number of students per education. 


The membership fee gives teachers and students complete access to all the activities and events which Start Up Programme offers. For instance, our arrangements are always all inclusive and include inspiring presentations and attractive prizes, and other features currently under development. Read more about events and possibilities here.

Moreover, a membership gives direct access to other services of the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship such as New Year’s reception, NEIS conference, further education initiatives, research results etc. 


Regardless of the size of the educational institution, the membership fee cannot exceed 50,000 DKK. Therefore, if an institution has 8 educations registered for Start Up Programme, the entire educational institution will automatically become member, and all its teachers and students will have access to Start Up Programme and its many activities. 

NB: All prices are excl. VAT.


What to do?
If you and your institution are interested in a membership, please write Carina Hammer on carina@ffefonden.dk or call her on 2445 7675.

As soon as you have registered, you have full access to all activities.