Business Academy Midtwest

Business Academy Midtwest wants to contribute to young people gaining skills and competencies which will help them navigate in a complex world, while simultaneously having the courage to step outside of their comfort zone. At Business Academy Midtwest, we want to develop students who can think for themselves, take responsibility and who dare to walk along new and unexplored paths. This is the reason why Business Academy Midtwest is part of Start Up Programme.

Troels Ravn Clausen, Chief consultant, Project manager and Lecturer at Business Academy Midtwest.


Business Academy Midtwest is part of Start Up Programme with their educational programme PBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This means that all students who are enrolled in the PBA in Innovation og Entrepreneurship have access to everything Start Up Programme has to offer. This includes online seminars, educational material, possibilities to participate in the regional championships and the danish national championship, and much more.