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Entrepreneurship in the education



Start Up Programme offers teachers and educational institutions a practice-oriented approach to teaching entrepreneurship.

The programme is built on entrepreneurial teaching material, continuous skill development of teachers and actual activities and events where students can test their ideas in front of experienced entrepreneurs and business people.

Start Up Programme provides a unique setting for working with entrepreneurship methods in collaboration with the business sector. The programme offers rich opportunities for strengthening your students’ entrepreneurial competences in both theory and practice.

Why you should use entrepreneurship in your teaching

Entrepreneurial competences such as idea generation, presentation skills, cross-disciplinary collaboration, networking skills and the ability to act on value-creating ideas based on professional knowledge are not reserved for entrepreneurs. They are a premise for success in most modern workplaces.

In this sense, entrepreneurial competences are relevant to students in all higher educations in Denmark. The entrepreneurship competences include professional as well as personal development and are therefore not learnt through theory alone. Start Up Programme’s entrepreneurship competitions therefore function as a unique supplement to your teaching.

Start Up Programme works with entrepreneurship education based on the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship’s Taxonomy in Entrepreneurship education – Perspectives on goals, teaching and evaluation. See this publication on the website of the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship under Publications. Use this link to go the English publications (and scroll to 2015):

What benefits do you get from Start Up Programme

As a member of Start Up Programme, you get free admission to entrepreneurship events throughout the year, access to especially developed teaching material and access to a number of courses to upgrade your skills.

Online Masterclass

Start Up Programme arranges a number of online master classes, in which we delve into relevant subjects within entrepreneurship, start-ups and society trends. The classes take place online and are available only to active members of Start Up Programme.

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Certification in Growth Wheel

Annually, Start Up Programme certifies 10 of its members in Growth Wheel. The certification includes a 2-year free license to all Growth Wheel tools and methods, which you can use in your teaching. Sign up by applying to Start Up Programme.

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Professional network and knowledge sharing

To support the use of Start Up Programme activities in your teaching, we arrange inspirational networking and knowledge-sharing events twice a year. Here you can receive input to your teaching from relevant speakers and get the opportunity to exchange knowledge with other teachers in the network.

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Teaching material

The material, which can be adapted to all types of teaching programme, guides you through different processes and exercises with the aim to increase your students’ entrepreneurial knowledge and competences to participate in Start Up Programme’s entrepreneurship competitions.

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What benefits do your students get from Start Up Programme?

Start Up Programme gives you and your students free access to annual idea competitions and entrepreneurship events where the students can test their ideas and receive constructive feedback from experienced business people.

The students get a unique opportunity to strengthen and develop their entrepreneurial competences in interaction with one another.


The students are challenged in a professional environment where constructive feedback will help them qualify their own ideas and learning.


The students get the opportunity to meet experienced business people and widen their professional network.


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The impact of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship education typically uses practice- and
student-centered teaching methods. This naturally strengthens the entrepreneurial
competences of students, but also contributes with
several other positive effects.

Happier and more 
motivated students

Studies show that entrepreneurship education
makes the students more motivated and
strengthens their relations with teachers and
fellow students. These are two essential reasons
for school satisfaction.


Increased courage, 
self-confidence and

In a higher education, which included
16,000 students, Canadian researchers
proved that entrepreneurship education,
on a general level, has a positive
correlation with students’ courage,
self-knowledge, self-confidence,
perseverance and the desire to become
an entrepreneur.


Experienced higher degree of teacher support

A Danish study shows that school satisfaction especially increases when there is a focus on creativity and enterprising skills during entrepreneurship education. The reason is that students who are taught in this way experience a higher degree of teacher support.



Education with more meaning

A longitudinal study of 982 classes in the 10. grade proved that there was a focus
on both business-oriented and
enterprising skills in the teaching, the students to a large extent experienced their education as meaningful.




Better grades

A recent Norwegian study of
14-15-year old students
showed that, on average, 
students who receive
education also get
better grades.


In order that you as a teacher can become part of Start Up Programme, your education or educational institution must be a paying member.

Individual educations

The price covers a one year membership for teachers and students at the registered education and gives full access to all Start Up Programme activities and offers.

DKK 6,500.-

Education institution as a whole

The price covers a one year membership for the entire educational institution (regardless of its size) and gives full access to all Start Up Programme activities and offers.

DKK 50,000.-

How to become a member

If you and your education or institution are interested in getting access to the benefits of Start Up Programme,
you are very welcome to contact us.

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